About The Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo

If you have been injured on the job, the Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo, are the place to be. The Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo, has locations in: San Francisco, San Rafael, and Oakland. Attorney Fernando Hidalgo speaks Spanish and he will personally return your phone calls and will work through the California Workers Compensation System to get the best result for your Claim. If you currently have a workers compensation attorney, who never returns phone calls, then call us. If the workers compensation insurance claims adjuster never returns your phone calls, or is rude to you, then call us, and we will call them for you. If you cannot find a doctor to treat your work injuries for your accepted or denied claim, then call us, and we will find a doctor. The workers compensation system is complicated, let us deal with the system, and you can deal with recovering from your injuries, and getting back to work. You never pay directly for a workers compensation attorney; the Law Office will receive 15% of the settlement amount, after it is approved by the workers compensation judge.

If you have been injured in a car accident, and are having trouble getting the medical treatment that you need, then call us. Let us work to get you a doctor who will treat your injuries on a lien basis. That means, the doctor will wait to get paid, after you claim settles, and you can begin treating now. The law office of Fernando Hidalgo will negotiate with the insurance company to settle your case. If settlement with the insurance company is not possible, and the case merits litigation, a law suit will be filed to recover your losses for: vehicle damage, loss wages, damage to miscellaneous property, medical bills, liens, and your pain and suffering. Normally, you never pay directly for your car accident representation; the Law Office of Fernando Hidalgo will receive 33% of the settlement amount or 40% if a trial is required, to recover you losses. As always, the Law Office of Fernando Hidalgo, has a Spanish speaking attorney, ready to return your calls and answer your questions.

The Law offices of Fernando Hidalgo are here to help those who have been injured and those who have questions about possible legal action. When you call the Law Office of Fernando Hidalgo, you will speak with an attorney who will listen to you, and will give you free advice about what is the best way to proceed. In some cases, you will not need the services of an attorney, because the facts of your situation do not have a legal recourse. In other cases, The Law Offices of Fernando Hidalgo, may not be the best firm to handle your legal issues. The law office will be happy to refer you to another legal firm who will best deal with your legal issues.